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Internet Marketing Services: Downloadable White Papers

Published May 5, 2010

Providing free downloadable white papers is quite possibly one of the best ways to develop quality leads and build an email marketing list, according to internet marketing services companies. There are a few important competencies, however, to developing a white paper worth downloading and reading.

Tips from an Internet Marketing Services Company on Writing a White Paper

First, it is important to remember that a white paper should not be just marketing copy or a sales sheet. It must provide useful information and be specific. Otherwise the reader may become alienated and not visit the company’s site again.

Unlike content for article marketing, a white paper will be downloaded by the potential reader for reviewing later on. More often than not, the white paper will be printed out for easy reference. As a result, a white paper can be as long as needed to convey the necessary information. If the writing is useful and the information compelling, keep going until all information is conveyed with authority.

Getting the Word Out Using Internet Marketing Services

Once the white paper is complete, it is time to let web searchers know it is available. This can be done through a variety of internet marketing services.

Make sure to create announcements and post them on the company’s website. Also consider creating a download option in the side navigation, so the download opportunity is available on all the site pages. Include the announcement in the company’s e-newsletter every other month. This is to let new subscribers know it is available without appearing pushy.

Consider posting the white paper to research sites and white paper libraries. This gives the opportunity for those who are actually looking for research related to a specific topic a better chance to find the white paper from the company. Similar to article internet marketing services, the white paper shows high competence from a company. This can increase the chances that the individual that has downloaded the white paper may visit the company’s website for additional information and may even go from a site visitor to a customer.

A white paper is also a great way to entice a click-through as part of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. By focusing the PPC on keywords related to the white paper’s topic, chances will increase that the searcher will want to click through to download the white paper.

Getting Help from an Internet Marketing Company

Writing and marketing a white paper can be extremely complex. Hiring an internet marketing services company is key. These are professionals that are very experienced in determining the best white paper subjects, having them written and marketing them for maximum success.

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