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Enlist the Help of a Financial Services Marketing Professional

Published Aug 9, 2010

One of the biggest industries currently trying to break out online is the financial services industry. That means that all of these companies are currently looking for a financial services marketing professional to help them grow their online audience and introduce new success strategies.

The Journal of Financial Services Marketing admits:

“The financial services industry, until relatively recently, was a highly protected industry with little competition. This historical lack of competition was associated with minimal levels of marketing within this industry. Banks, for example, could rely on customers coming to them and thus did not need to expend resources attracting, persuading, or educating customers or, presumably, to even attempt to fully understand the customer’s decision process for purchasing financial services. Recent changes in laws governing financial services have, however, resulted in greater competition among various types of financial firms. ”

Fortunately, the problem can easily be resolved by investing in a financial services marketing professional who has the team, know-how and experience to build an online marketing campaign that emphasizes a personal approach to financial services.

One major financial services company just enlisted the help of an outside agency to de-jargon their website to make it more approachable for people new to investing. This is a major step for a large financial institution, because many corporations have a big need for control with their brand. In a very smart move, they let a talented copywriter with little background or experience in financial services take the reigns and write copy that’s easily understood by the average person.

What does this accomplish? People require trust before they are willing to give their money to any financial institution or broker. By using a financial services marketing professional to break down the terms and jargon, they offer the average user a more approachable setting to learn more on their own, and also a safe environment for them to feel comfortable approaching the company.

How to find a financial services marketing professional

Look for a financial services marketing professional that is fine-tuned in the ways of online marketing such as search engine optimization and social media. Attracting an online audience through the use of targeted keywords and online buzz is the single best way to drive traffic to your website. Once you’ve driven new leads to your website, a financial services marketing professional can also help you optimize your website to capture and convert those people into paying customers and clients.

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