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Ask an NJ Marketing Agency: Healthcare Marketing Tips

Published Sep 10, 2010

The ultimate goal of the healthcare industry is to make patients and doctors happy. Whether you’re marketing to doctors or to patients, the goal is to deliver some kind of edge over the competition. If you’re a doctor marketing your practice, why should a patient transfer to you? Does your office offer special equipment over your competitors? Do you have specialists in the office? What makes you special?

If you’re a pharmaceutical company marketing to doctors, you already know that there have been new guidelines introduced that make marketing and outreach that much more important. If you’re marketing a drug that has several well-known and established competitors, how can you get doctors to jump on board?

Ask an NJ Marketing Agency: Healthcare Marketing Tip #1: Create a Robust Website

If you are marketing to doctors, make sure that your website is a wealth of knowledge, advise NJ Marketing Agencies. Perhaps they’ve seen your commercial on TV, or they’ve learned about one of your products through a colleague. Always provide a website address and make sure that your site caters both to the patient and the doctor. The patient may be impressed with web videos, while doctors will be more impressed with case studies and research papers. Both will be impressed with credible testimonials.

Ask an NJ Marketing Agency: Healthcare Marketing Tip #2: Keep a Personable Updated Blog

If you’re a doctor looking for new patients, make sure that your website is easily found on the web, suggest NJ Marketing Agencies. One way that many doctors are stepping up to the plate and creating an online advantage is by starting a personal blog. “Bedside manner ” is often the most important deciding factor when a patient is switching doctors. By creating a blog on the website for your practice, you can establish an authoritative voice while offering patients a glimpse at your personality. Want to avoid becoming the next WebMD, with articles littered with health questions? Disable comments.

Ask an NJ Marketing Agency: Healthcare Marketing Tip #3: Keep SEO in Mind

When writing blogs on your site, whether you’re a doctor or a pharmaceutical company, always keep search engine optimization in mind. If you’re a doctor in Little Rock, Arkansas, it’s wise to include your location in your posts, recommend NJ Marketing Agencies. If you’re a pharmaceutical company selling a product that relieves the symptoms of ADHD, it’s important to include ADHD and other targeted keywords. With further SEO research, you can write articles with titles that are contextually relevant to people who are searching for your services in search engines.

Ask an NJ Marketing Agency: Healthcare Marketing Tip #4: Embark with Social Media

Don’t be afraid of social media, especially YouTube. Two companies doing particularly well in this sector are Johnson & Johnson and Janssen-Cilag. Both companies create inventive and informative videos to give overviews of health conditions as well as the products they offer that can remedy said conditions.

Start working with an advertising agency on your healthcare marketing campaigns.

To start creating robust websites, loaded with SEO’d blog content, it’s important to work with an NJ Marketing Agency that is familiar with the healthcare industry. Online marketing is the most affordable and sure-fire way to give your company or practice a competitive advantage.

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