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The Plights of Project Management… SOLVED! Part 2 – Task Management Software

Published Jul 12, 2011

Pertinent Project Management Dilemmas and Effective Solutions Including New Task Management Software


Being a good project manager does not only entail being able to manage your team well, but also includes a great deal of interaction with the clients and addressing their needs. Every client is different. Some will need more communication and handholding, while others will throw you the ball and let you run with it. Being able to identify the specific needs of each client will be a great asset to any Project Manager (PM) and certain task management software can be a valuable aid. As you will see in the following 8 steps, incorporating this strategy will help you to be more organized, and effectively manage your projects in a timely manner.

When it comes to client relations, perhaps one of the biggest problems facing project mangers is when there is a disconnect between client expectations, and the perception of the project scope from the internal team. The consequences of delivering a product or service that has not been clearly defined between a client and service provider can result in loss of repeat business and a dispute over services rendered. That project may also have negative effects related to that client’s other deliverables. If that is the case, they may tell their network contacts not to do business with your company. No company wants to be blacklisted!

To solve this problem, a concise proposal is the foundation for good client relations. A proposal is written documentation that clarifies the expectations of both the client and the service provider to ensure both parties start off on the same page. In this case, you have clearly outlined the services you will be providing, and the client will know what to expect. Documenting each step in writing allows the client to read your view of the scope of the project, and gives them an opportunity to make any changes or clarifications before work begins. Task management software can be used to keep all documents and information organized. Make sure you are aware of and involved in all processes. This ensures that both the client and service provider have expectations in alignment. Set milestones at different stages to help your company gauge client satisfaction throughout the process.


Efficiency in the workplace is paramount. Streamlining the completion of all projects not only cuts down on overhead costs, but also boosts customer satisfaction by delivering accurate and timely work. For a small business, the old axiom “time is money” speaks volumes, and with little time and often small budgets, inefficiency is the sworn enemy of project managers, clients, and profitability. In small- and medium- sized companies, it is important to make sure that all projects propel the company in a positive direction. Finding ways to optimize and streamline business processes gives each employee more time to accomplish tasks that bring in revenue for the business. These 8 steps will provide any PM with the tools to boost both personal and team efficiency.

Efficiency also breeds positive employee/employer relations and increases moral in the workplace. The more effective the project team, the more satisfied employers, employees, and clients will be in the end.

Addressing and solving issues within the process will always pay off. Effective project managers will be happier, more productive, and make more money. What PM wouldn’t want that? The 8 steps are not difficult. When reading many of them you may say, “This is easy”, “I should do that” or even “I used to do that but over time I stopped for some reason.” This is precisely the point! The steps are simple but the payoffs are great. Take this time to refresh your skills. Do not dwell on the fact that you may not have been doing them in the past.

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