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A Web Development Approach Every Company Should Take

Attract and retain more customers with smart web development and smooth functionality

CMDS creates functional, intuitive designs that exploit the dynamic nature of the internet – no dull “brochureware” or static placeholders allowed.

First, our project managers will work with you to learn more about your audience, your objectives, and your position in the marketplace. By learning more about your strengths, perceived weaknesses, and your competition, we can create a website that firmly positions you for success.

We’ll ask the kinds of questions you may not hear from other web development companies – questions about your goals for the site, your audience, your industry, your competition and more. We’ll review your existing offline collateral – business cards to brochures – and come up with a plan for integrating your new site into a successful, multi-channel sales strategy.

CMDS then combines the information we’ve gathered about your business with carefully selected visual and structural element. We’ll think of ways to streamline your business processes which will ensure your company runs like a well-oiled machine. The result is a site that’s easy to navigate, functions well and reflects the heart of your brand.

Once the basics are planned, we then enter the website development phase. CMDS is one of the few shops to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) right into the web development process… not treat it as an afterthought or costly add-on. Every CMDS site is poised for success right from the start.