30 Cool Things We Learned from TEDxNavesink

“We make love, we make war. We make a living, we make dinner. We make choices, we make mistakes. Each day, we make our own existence. We’re all Makers. And Makers are the essence of creation.” Recently, the CMDS team attended the TEDxNavesink conference: Makers, and it left us all enthused, energized and eager to […]

CMDS Team to Experience Intellectual Adrenaline Rush at TEDx

TEDxNavesink Our entire CMDS team will be attending TEDxNavesink conference on Saturday, April 11 at Monmouth University. TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design) is described by Forbes.com as a “big deal” and an event that will produce the effect of an “intellectual adrenaline rush, like the feeling that rips through you after a […]