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Larry Montani: Leading Branch Manager of a National Mortgage Lending Company

Over the course of 6 months, this client’s Instagram followers increased by 498%, and those followers drove 23% more traffic to their website. In addition, within the first month of using our method, Larry saw 93 registrants to one of his biggest events, the Homebuyer Seminar. In the end, Instagram became a reliable marketing tool for Larry. He is now considered an impactful influencer in the mortgage space and remains a client of ours to this day.

BFI Furniture: Venerable Furniture Dealer Providing Specialty Items for Offices, Institutions & Healthcare Settings

Over the course of 6 months, this client’s Instagram followers increased by 43%. There was also a 26% increase in time spent on-site, meaning we were successful in increasing the amount of relevant users visiting their website. Ultimately, Instagram became a reliable marketing tool for BFI. Since establishing a consistent content and daily engagement strategy, BFI's Instagram presence has led to a number of exciting and lucrative opportunities for their business.

King Rods: A Lifestyle Brand for the Hot Rod & Rat Rod Enthusiast

Within a single month, our Maven Growth Method was able to grow this Instagram account from zero to 1,000+.

Extreme Growth: Game Changing Growth Courses From Knowledgable Experts

Within a single month, our Maven Growth Method was able to grow this Instagram account from zero to 400+.

Frequently Asked Questions

We LOVE this question. We started our agency in 2002! There are a lot of advantages to working with an agency that has been around for more than 20 years. We have a refined process for everything. We have TONS of data under our belts, enabling us to make informed decisions. We have success and failure stories that have shifted why and how we do what we do. And, we’ve been managing social media for brands since it first started! This history has helped us predict algorithm updates and strategies that enable us to provide the best service possible to our clients.
We love this question too! In 2005, we were creating accounts using business names and posting content on behalf of our clients. It was at that point that we started creating and managing social media for our clients. In 2006, we started using Twitter to help our clients gain exposure. In 2007, Facebook business pages came out. We were one of the first agencies to start creating Facebook Business pages! Shortly after, LinkedIn became more social than just a place to put your online resume. We then started managing LinkedIn profiles and business pages. It’s been a crazy ride since! Today, we manage almost every platform but we favor Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
Everyone at my agency works in-office and full-time except for one writer. We do not freelance anything out. This enables us to manage the quality of work for every client at a higher level, ensuring we’re all on the same page.
Our agency works with both B2B and B2C clients. We’ve worked in a variety of different industries. Since our price point is a bit higher, there are a lot of smaller industries we cannot service. For a full understanding of the types of clients we work with, please reach out to us!
“Success” depends on what our goals are. If we’re looking for account growth of relevant followers, we’ve seen an account grow over 1000/mo with a starting following count of 300. The type of content, the industry of focus, and how much we’re able to be engaged has everything to do with it. We’ve also seen some accounts grow slower at a 300/month following. The more relevant followers we have at the beginning and the more specific we can get with the content type, the better the followers and the more relevant they are. That will create higher engagement and allow our posts to be seen organically on our selected hashtags.
We read a ton of industry-related news and articles. However, most of our knowledge comes from our own testing over the past 20 years. Every marketing strategy is about being engaging. When we do things ethically, and of interest, we’ll always have “what’s working”.
IF you’re using our proprietary Maven Growth Method package, you’ll see growth instantly. The number of followers and engagement depends on many factors, which are part of our “secret sauce.”
We recommend one hour of time per month at a minimum. Of course, if you have anything specific or timely to send over, we’ll accept it! Most of our posts are scheduled a month or 2 in advance.
We might request photography from you, videos, or even some audio clips through a Zoom interview! Other than that, it’s pretty hands-off until the review process IF you would like to approve the posts!
No one asks this question. A realistic expectation is determined based on what status your current account is in, what industry, what your goals are, and more. If you do not have a clear understanding of what to expect after hiring an agency, you’re working with the wrong people. We’ll set goals and objectives together and make sure we’re aligned throughout the whole relationship. And that is why our average client stays with us for 5 years or more!
There are multiple! And, it depends on the channel we’re focusing on. If we’re looking at Instagram, we’ll study how many accounts we’ve reached, engaged with, and the total followers we have. We’ll look at the performance of all our content, what topics and styles perform the best, then report back to you on what our plan is moving forward.
100%! Our goal is to be hyper-focused with everything we do! Let’s take a mortgage company, for example… We’ll interact with all realtors in their geographic area to get them to follow us and engage with our content. We’ll also post answers to questions and pictures of celebrity homes in their area so the home shoppers that are connected to the realtors on social media can also be engaged with our content. We’ll occasionally post some branded content, but most importantly, be “social” and post what we KNOW our audience wants to see. We never ever buy fake followers and always follow the terms on all our social media platforms.
We answer them! In many cases, it’s just a polite response. In some cases, we’ll try to set up a call with our client and the messenger. It depends on the request. However, we handle and escalate on behalf of the client as they come in. Most comments and messages are responded to within 6 hours unless it’s after hours. Worse case, it happens within 24 hours.
Yes! The content we create is always unique to the company we are working on. While in some cases layouts or compositions may be similar to others you will find on social media, they are strategically being used because they have proven to be successful.