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Your Law Firm Can Generate Up to 50% More Leads Using CMDS PPC Professionals to Manage Your Google Adwords

By: Chris Mulvaney

We know your law practice is constantly faced with tough decisions, such as how much you should spend on marketing and what type of marketing would be the most advantageous to pursue. You hear all the time about the many directions your firm can take, but there are few that not only are cost efficient, but are measureable and conversion driven. What you need to take into account is that when every potential client is looking to “lawyer up” it is important to understand that the first thing they will most likely do is Google search for a lawyer in their area that practices your area of law. If your website does not appear on the first page of a search engine such as Google, another firm’s website will appear and your potential client is more likely to become your competitor’s client.

Choosing to add Google Adwords, a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) entity, to your law firm’s marketing mix has been shown to provide enormous benefits. Google AdWords is a marketing tool, which allows written and display ads to feature on Google search pages and Google Display Network. This Network is a compilation of websites that reach 80% of all Internet users in the US. Our Google Adwords Professionals can help your firm strategically determine which specific websites to select and in which geographical areas they want to target. As a result we can generate up to 50% more leads for your firm using a PPC based strategy. Our Google Adwords Professionals will also pair Google Adwords with Google Analytics. We will be able to see how many new customers connect to your business from your ad, where they are coming from, and more. This way at Creative Marketing and Design Solutions (CMDS), our PPC professionals can ensure that every single penny you spend is spent with a specific purpose.

Here at CMDS we provide a full-service marketing approach when creating and maintaining a PPC based Google Adwords package for your practice. We are a Google Partner, certified in Google Adwords and we understand that PPC search is not only a way to get potential clients to your site, but it is also a way to articulate the value of your brand, engage on an emotional level and use analytics to understand your clients’ behavior. CMDS has years of experience positioning advertisements and as PPC professionals we think beyond leads to establish your brand identity separate from your competition. We understand the need to stand out in such a competitive marketplace and at CMDS our professionals will help establish your law firm’s identity. Through various proven strategies developed from our highly skilled always in-house PPC professionals, CMDS can take your law firm to that next level in order to attract more clients to your law firm and away from your competitors.

CMDS offers a FREE Google Adwords Account review to determine how much we can increase your click-throughs and leads. Contact CMDS’ CEO Chris Mulvaney at 732-706-5555 x201 before you spend your first or next dollar on a Google Adwords Account.