How Showing Off Your Staff Can Help Sell Additional Services

Learn how doing just a few things to show off your key employees can help sell additional services!

Your company is growing! Growing big enough that you may have a hard time articulating the full scope of the value you can NOW bring to your clients. Each employee offers a unique skill set and adds value to your business. Yet, many companies leave real revenue generating opportunities on the table by not letting clients know about its staff’s talents. Because we KNOW this is an issue, we’ve created this beautiful article on how showing off your staff can help sell additional services!

One of our favorite ways to help sell additional services is to show off your employees! By giving your employees the lime light, you are:

  • Introducing a real person to your clients
  • Reminding OR introducing them of the employees expertise
  • Communicating how the employee solved a problem for a similar client
  • Giving the employee a sense of appreciation
  • Introducing the employee to other employees within the company
  • Positioning the company as leaders within their space

How do you show off your staff?

Marketing and communicating. If you are doing marketing effectively, you are always in front of your potential buyers and existing clients. Some of our favorite ways are:

  • Adding an “Employee Spotlight” section to the home page of your website. Encourage the visitors to click on the employee and take them to a page that the employee explains exactly what he or she does. Have them talk about why they love the company, how long they have been doing their trade and a few examples of how they have solved problems.
  • Consider doing this “Employee Spotlight” via email! Email marketing still works! By sending your database this same info, you’ve shown them that you are human and that you do have other things to offer them.
  • Call your clients and tell them a story. Tell them a story of how your coworker did XYZ for Client ABC and let them know you can introduce them if they are interested.

That’s it! Well… it can’t and should not just happen once! Consider adding this to your monthly marketing strategy so you can continuously stay top of mind!