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Beyond website maintenance is the ability to grow your web presence and attract your ideal clients with proactive thinking.

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When it comes to building websites, there’s a difference between those who develop and developers.

Website development is ongoing.

At CMDS, we pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the gap between big ideas and small screens to create a superior interactive user experience! Whether you are a seasoned professional who understands the importance of a responsive, fluid and engaging website or you are new to the online game, looking to position your brand as a leader in your industry, CMDS has a solution that goes beyond the basics.

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Website maintenance is a task that is often overlooked.

Unfortunately, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax. It’s no longer enough to just have an online presence—you must be a part of the evolution.

If your brand currently utilizes modern day marketing tools like Google analytics and social media, website enhancements can help to further streamline processes, track high-performance data, generate more content, improve user experience, workflow while increasing site conversions, and of course, even drive more traffic through search engine optimization! And since marketing insights allow us the ability to display complex data in simple terms for both tech-savvy and nontechnical audiences, our team is able to customize and communicate monthly action items enhancing your website, in a way that will generate results for your business.

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CMDS’s Website Enhancement Program
will keep your website beyond the competition

At CMDS, we can customize solutions for small websites (3-20 pages), medium websites (20-75 pages), and large websites (75+ pages), and offer monthly maintenance plans to put your web presence ahead of the competition and keep your site up and running 24/7 (stress-free).

Small Websites
(3-20 Pages)
  • Includes Five (5) Hours of Website Maintenance Per Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Scheduling, 2-4 Business Days
  • Maintenance Updates Performed Upon Requests
Medium Websites
(20-75 Pages)
  • Includes Ten (10) Hours of Website Maintenance Per Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Maintenance Report Emailed Monthly
  • Domain Name Registration & Renewal
  • Website Monitoring Service Providing CMDS Team Alerts if Site Goes Down Unexpectedly
  • One (1) Complete Back-Up of Your Website Monthly
  • Priority Scheduling, 2-4 Business Days
  • Proactive Recommendations to Keep Your Site Fresh
Large Websites
(75+ Pages)
  • Includes Twenty (20) Hours of Website Maintenance Per Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Scheduling with 1-3 Business Days Turn Around!
  • Proactive Recommendations to Keep Your Site Fresh
  • Maintenance Report Emailed Monthly
  • Report of Monthly Contacts – List of Leads
  • Domain Name Registration & Renewal
  • Website Back-Up
  • Website Monitoring Service Providing CMDS Team Alerts if Site Goes Down Unexpectedly
  • Monthly Check for Internal Errors (i.e. 404)

What are you waiting for?

Steady site maintenance is imperative to ensuring your website is up-to-date on desktop and mobile—not only for your customers but for your brand’s search engine rankings too!

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Why Does Website Enhancement & Maintenance Matter?

Most business owners understand the importance of having a website, but what they may not realize is that websites are no longer set-it and forget-it. They require upkeep and work best when they are frequently updated to ensure the best possible experience for the end-user.

Ignore your site and you could be losing valuable clients (and not even know it).

Why? If your website has an old design or outdated theme, it may not display properly on newer versions of web browsers or mobile devices. Regular maintenance through one of our packages will ensure that all components, like links, contact forms, images, payment functions and pages are working efficiently for the ultimate in user experience.

And the better the user experience, and the more up-to-date your content, the more time your visitors will spend, and the more often they’ll want to visit.

Think about it.

The last things a potential customer wants to see when they visit your website are promotions that have expired or information that’s outdated. Give them a fresh and exciting experience to keep them coming back for more! An easy way to do this is by regularly adding content to your blog and staying active on social media.

Any time you add new content to your site (part of routine maintenance), you’ll drive more traffic and increase search engine rankings.

The more you update your site, the more search engines will come back to index your site.

On the flip side, a site that is infrequently updated results in much lower rankings. And (gasp) if a search engine suspects your site has been infected with malware, they may even remove it from search results completely.

If you’ve put off maintaining your business’ website for a couple years, chances are your site is not optimized for mobile devices. Sure, your website will still show up when a person enters your URL, but it won’t be optimized for the device. And if your site is not mobile-friendly, your website may not even show up in a mobile users’ Google search results. Ouch!

One of the most important reasons why choosing a website maintenance package is so important is for security purposes.

It doesn’t matter what content management system you use and it doesn’t matter if you use many plug-ins or have an online store—hackers all over the world are always looking for a way to attack through a vulnerability. Just like a thief will look for a home with an unlocked door, hackers actively seek out old websites because they’re simply easier targets. They can serve ads on your website, delete pages, steal content and more.

Website Maintenance and Enhancement Programs for Forward-Thinking Companies

Creating a visually stunning, mobile-friendly, responsive website is a great first step to let the world know about your business. If you want your business to grow and flourish online, you have to schedule in the regular upkeep, not only to keep existing customers happy and to boost search engine rankings but also to keep your site running smoothly (and safely).

Don’t just maintain it. Enhance it!

Enhance your site with monthly CMDS maintenance plans which include (but are not limited to):

  • Addition/removal/update of images, videos, products, staff profiles, job listings, regular specials, coupons and more, per client request.
  • Update of site content and implementation of blog posts as provided by client.
  • Removal and addition of date-sensitive information such as for events or copyrights.
  • Clean-up of overall navigation and site layout.
  • Removal and correction of broken links to internal and external sites.
  • Malware removal and update WordPress core and plugins for security purposes.
  • SSL certification management.
  • Additional CMS support training.
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