{Unite Fitness Online}

{NJ Marketing Company CMDS Wins 2013 Communicator Award for Outstanding Design}

NJ marketing company CMDS is thrilled to announce that the website for Unite Fitness, http://www.unitefitnessonline.com, has been awarded a 2013 Communicator Award. The Communicator Awards recognize new ideas in marketing a product or company and communicating ideas to audiences. The Awards typically receive over 6,000 entries and filter out the best of those submissions. Winning [...]

{NJ Marketing Company CMDS Launches Site for Unite Fitness Online, Home-Based Fitness and Nutrition Program for 2013 and Beyond}

Middletown, NJ (January 8, 2013) - NJ marketing company CMDS has announced the launch of http://www.unitefitnessonline.com, a site that provides users with an effective, home-based boot camp. Based off a heart, muscle, mind philosophy, the Unite Fitness Online boot camp is a comprehensive, three-month program that includes fitness and eating plans. As they work their way through the [...]

{Unite Fitness Online}

Unite Fitness

The Unite Fitness Online site is the cutting edge of “home-based” workouts. The site allows users to follow an intensive Boot Camp, which outlines all workouts, prep steps, even eating for a 3 month span. Users can track their progress within the Boot Camp and even record important data for reviewing program effectiveness, including weight [...]