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{How Much Should My Company Spend on Social Media Marketing?}

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, engage it and build brand awareness. If you own a business or if you’re in charge of marketing then you already know the benefits of social media marketing. But you still may ask, ”How much should my company spend on social [...]

{Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing}

Outbound marketing is the traditional way of doing marketing. This is textbook marketing that people learn from school. In this method of marketing, the marketer seeks out the potential customers. To do this, he uses traditional methods such as giving out flyers, making cold calls, posting advertisements in the newspaper, TV advertisements, public relations, trade [...]

{Social Media: The New Ticket for Small Business Success?}

Social media has completely changed the online landscape and the world and has propelled many companies to great success. Perhaps the segment that can have the most success is the small business that uses social media effectively. Social media presents ample opportunities that small businesses have not seen previously by any other media outlet, simply [...]

{Social Media’s Influence on Public Relations}

To say that social media has revolutionized the public relations field is a bit of an understatement. With the advent of social media, organizations can reach more influencers – directly and at a lower cost – than ever before.

{LinkedIn: The #1 Business Social Network & Quick Tips to Help Promote your Business}

In business, the most powerful social network is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, and with over 75 million users, it’s an incredibly valuable networking tool.

{Google+ and the Impact it could have on the Web Landscape}

Are you wondering what the next latest and greatest web innovation will be? Google+ is combining the best of content creation and sharing, information search, social media, and more into a revolutionary new site that is set to take over the web in a big way.

{Google’s Integration of Social Analytics}

Social tracking mechanisms have been implemented and are growing increasingly important in the collection of relevant site metrics. Google Analytics’ new social interaction tracking allows you to track Facebook likes, unlikes and shares from social plug-ins on your website, and you can enable these measurements by adding tracking code to your site.