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{NJ Marketing Company CMDS Launches Site for Unite Fitness Online, Home-Based Fitness and Nutrition Program for 2013 and Beyond}

Middletown, NJ (January 8, 2013) - NJ marketing company CMDS has announced the launch of http://www.unitefitnessonline.com, a site that provides users with an effective, home-based boot camp. Based off a heart, muscle, mind philosophy, the Unite Fitness Online boot camp is a comprehensive, three-month program that includes fitness and eating plans. As they work their way through the [...]

{Unite Fitness Online}

Unite Fitness

The Unite Fitness Online site is the cutting edge of “home-based” workouts. The site allows users to follow an intensive Boot Camp, which outlines all workouts, prep steps, even eating for a 3 month span. Users can track their progress within the Boot Camp and even record important data for reviewing program effectiveness, including weight [...]

{Unite Fitness Studios}

Unite FItness Studios

The Unite Fitness Studio website truly ties the entire Unite Fitness empire together. The site features clean and slick design and well-represents the studio’s contemporary feel. The site is tied into a third-party client management system, allowing studio members the ability to login and view pertinent studio information, including workout schedules.

{Unite Fitness Decathlon}


The Unite Fitness Decathlon is one of the Northeast’s toughest tests of endurance. The site perfectly represents the grittiness of the event while giving users pertinent information regarding the race and important details. The site features integration with a third-party event registration system and email marketing client for heightened client interaction.