Website Redesign

How Do You Know That It’s Time For A Website Redesign?

Here are a few ways to tell if your website needs a redesign.

How do you know if you need a website redesign? Here are a few ways to tell if your website may need a new face. If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, chances are it’s time to redesign your website:

  • Was your site designed and launched in the 1990’s or mid 2000’s? You may need a website redesign!
  • Does your site contain clip art and animated GIFs? You totally need a website redesign!
  • Was your web designer your bosses high school nephew or niece? Website redesign!
  • Does your site still say “Under Construction – Coming Soon”? Ewww… Website redesign!
  • Is there no source of marketing on your site? You may need a website redesign!
  • Was your site completely developed in tables? You might as well not even have a website.

Of course these aren’t all the reasons, but if you answered “Yes” to any of them it’s time to contact CMDS. You’re website should be an extension of your business, not just an online brochure. Remember, you’re website is the most public and accessible face of your company, so why not make it a well-design, user-focused, sales-driving branch of your business?

Websites should support the brand and not detract from it by making companies appear to be behind the times. Here are three quick checkpoints to use in determining if it’s time for a redesign:

Out-Of-Step Strategy? Time to hire a web design company for your website redesign.

Does your site reflect who your company is today, its current goals and target audience? If your site is not helping your brand, it’s hurting it. Look around and make sure you’re not sending mixed messages to customers, or making it harder for your sales team to perform their jobs.

If you’re like most people, the first place you go to find information about a company, product or service is its website. And, like most people, if the website is poorly designed, difficult to find, broken or difficult to navigate, you probably look elsewhere for that product or service. Make sure that your website is inviting, reflects your company’s brand and way of doing business, and is easy to navigate. Your website should be the sales tool that brings in new customers, not pushes them away.

Dated Design and Content? Time to hire a web design company.

When you look at your website, do you see an old, out-dated online brochure, or a dynamic, cutting-edge sales tool that drives your company’s business? New colors and designs come into style every day, so it’s important to make sure that your site reflects the latest trends, instead of reminding users what used to be. For example, the power of a trendy color palette can quickly fade as new shades come into vogue. And previously popular tools like pop-ups may no longer resonate with your audience. Check the age of your content, too. Is dated info sending the wrong message? Give customers a reason to return by keeping content up to date. It could be time to consider a website redesign.

Outmoded Technology? Time to hire a web design company.

Sure, your site looks great on your computer, but how does the rest of the world view your website? Check how your site appears to customers on commonly used browsers like Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. Don’t assume everyone’s on a PC, either. Is your site a mess when viewed on a Mac? It’s important to be sure that your site is viewed the same way by all of your potential clients around the world.

If you want your products and services to be found, your site must be indexed on the most popular search engines. Is your site’s content search engine friendly? Many older sites were created entirely in Flash, which means your business is virtually invisible to Google searchers. Although many different factors contribute to your site’s search engine placement, the importance of your site’s searchability will quantify the success of your website. What good is your site if no one can find you? CMDS knows that our work doesn’t end after site launch, in fact, it’s just beginning. We can design the perfect site for your company and help you get found online by the right people.

If you see your site in any of the above, it’s time to consider a new look. Contact CMDS breathe new life onto your online presence and help you discover a new revenue stream in the process.