NJ Marketing Agency CMDS are now certified Google Partners!

NJ Marketing Agency CMDS enters into Google Partners Program

Being a Google Adwords Certified agency is nothing new for CMDS. The tests to become certified used to be all but trivial. But over the past few months, Google has rolled out a new Google Partners Program that eliminates the certification program and helps agencies to reassure clients that they are dealing with a dedicated and trustworthy company.

CMDS invests time and money into the skills and development of their employees, in an effort to offer their clients advanced account maintenance and recommendations within their marketing campaigns. These techniques are then applied to bring maximum results to our client’s campaigns.

Google states, “Qualified Individuals and Qualified Companies within the Google Advertising Professionals program have met Google’s requirements to attain this level of recognition. They’ve managed client AdWords accounts for at least three months with a minimum spending level; in addition, Qualified Individuals have passed the official exam to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge, and Qualified Companies have several Qualified Individuals on staff. Because achieving Qualified Individual or Qualified Company status is no easy feat, we reward these professionals with an official program logo and Professional Status page which tout the title.”

Passing the Google Partners exam signifies that through extensive studying and experience, a company like CMDS is more adept at providing a client with the best online marketing practices. Ultimately, this will help to improve your campaign performance across the Google Search and Display Networks.

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