Search Engine Optimization Management by a Web Design Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of following best practices so search engines find a website and properly index all the pages of the site so over time the site appears high on search engine result pages (SERP). Because the rules of seo change often, it is important to consult professionals from a web design company who keep up on all the changes. When it comes to the seo game, not following the rules can definitely hurt.

Do Titles & METAs matter?

Title and META tags are codes within the tag of a web page. This provides information about the subject of the page to search engines. Important words to include in title & META tags are company names, keywords about the service of product provided and descriptive phrases. They shouldn’t be too long however. A good guide is 75 characters max for the title, 200 characters for the keywords and 250-300 characters for the description. It is also important to place the most important keywords or phrases at the very beginning, so they are guaranteed to be read by search engines. Each page of your website should have unique META tags.

In September of 2009, Google announced that it doesn’t utilize the keywords META tags at all when determining search result rank. This is an in effort to avoid tagging fraud, such as competing companies including their competitor’s name as a keyword. This however, doesn’t mean all tags are ignored by Google. For example, the description is still used and often displayed in SERPs. It also will not hurt or count against a site’s ranking to include information in the keywords tag. Remember that a site is not just optimized for Google. Even though Google is the most used search engine, others like Yahoo! and Ask do use all tags in determining site rankings.

Keeping up with the Changes

It is important to keep up with changes to the seo rules. This is where using a full-service web design company comes into play. These professionals know how key it is to stay on top of all the changes to seo best practices. Keeping pace with all the seo best practice changes to seo require constant tweaking to web sites and the search engine plan. This is why a company should retain a web design company with seo expertise. This way the site can always be found by potential clients or customers through SERPs.

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