E-marketing Trends for 2010 and How a Web Design Company Can Help

As 2009 comes to a close and budgets open up in January for 2010, many wonder where marketing dollars should be spent. This is where a web design company that keeps up to date on emerging and tried-and-true marketing strategies can help.

Increasing Budgets & ROI Analysis

According to a recently released report by BtoB, 40 percent of companies plan to increase their marketing budgets. About half of the respondents plan to keep their budgets flat, while only 13 percent plan to cut from their marketing budgets. After the belt-tightening of 2009, this is a welcome change for brand management and recognition. Web-based areas that are projected to have the most growth include site development, e-mail marketing SEO, social media, online video development and webcasts. Companies will also be looking for quantifiable numbers as to what is working best, so analytics will be key moving forward.

SEO is Still a Major Focus

Research by eMarketer says organic search will still be a major focus. More than 80 percent of searchers click on the first few returned results, so finding a web design company that can help provide solid organic SEO assistance will be a key part of a marketing plan in 2009. This plan has documentable ROI and using a web design company that can provide “white hat” techniques will be important. Going “black hat” may provide a temporary boost, but in the long run, all that will happen is the site will raise red flags in the eyes of the all-important search engines and can even get the site black listed.

Keyword research goes hand-in-hand with SEO. In order to find a company’s audience, the right keywords need to be used both in an SEO campaign as well as site content. That won’t happen unless research is done first.

The Social Media Boom Continues

More and more companies are utilizing social media tools. In 2010, companies will continue to use social media, but will look to hone social media skills. Many companies like social media because of the potential one-on-one interaction with its customers. Many will move more marketing dollars into social media.

A Bright 2010 for Marketing

This year looks to be a much better year for marketing than 2009. It is important to add a full service web design company that stays up to date on trends will help to keep marketing plans on track and get the most ROI.

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