{NJ SEO Strategist Needed – Full Time (In Middletown, NJ)}

CMDS, the area’s leading internet marketing services agency, is seeking a full-time NJ SEO strategist to implement and manage Search Engine Optimization campaigns. The successful candidate will have intimate knowledge of the Internet, specifically how Search Engines function, and will be highly experienced in on site and off site SEO implementation AND creating campaigns from [...]

{How Much Should My Business Be Spending on Marketing and Advertising?}

Choosing what you should invest annually on marketing and advertising There are some fairly simple ways to decide what you should spend on marketing. Something as important as this should not be chosen arbitrarily. Instead, your company should decide on a percentage of its projected gross income to allocate for marketing and advertising. This percentage [...]

{Web Developer wanted in Middletown, NJ | Web Developer Jobs NJ}

Web Developer Jobs NJ CMDS, one of New Jersey’s leading interactive and web design companies, is seeking a full time, experienced UI designer/developer (WordPress/Bootstrap experience a plus). If you’re looking for Web Developer Jobs in NJ, hopefully you’ve found the right place. The successful candidate will be a self-starting, motivated individual with good communication skills, 3+ [...]

{What does your website say about you?}

All businesses have a personality, flavor and sensibility of their own. And when it comes to what you put on your website, it needs to be communicated loud and clear. What does your website say about you? Nowadays, it seems a business is instantly judged by its website. Your site is the online face of [...]

{Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2014}

Gearing up marketing for 2014 and beyond Every year we see lists like “Marketing Trends for 2014″ pop up from industry blogs, but notice that most of the time they are way off from what we are seeing on the front lines. As time goes on, companies of all shapes and sizes continue to move [...]

{Ever wonder what it’s like at CMDS? – Marketing Agency Culture}

On cold snowy days, you’ll find hot cocoa, candy canes, and chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen at CMDS. During summer, you’ll be outside on the picnic bench eating a freshly grilled burger for lunch. When time allows, you’ll see employees playing foosball or reading an industry-related magazine in the lounge. All of this fun happens [...]

{NJ Marketing Agency CMDS are now certified Google Partners!}

NJ Marketing Agency CMDS enters into Google Partners Program Being a Google Adwords Certified agency is nothing new for CMDS. The tests to become certified used to be all but trivial. But over the past few months, Google has rolled out a new Google Partners Program that eliminates the certification program and helps agencies to [...]

{Thinking about upgrading to a new iPhone? Check out this really cool speed test.}

This cool iPhone speed test convinced me to upgrade Surprisingly, I’ve still got the original iPhone 4. I’ve surpassed my upgrade by a mile, but now it’s time. With the new operating system installed, my phone is even slower than before. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new iPhone for speed, this video will [...]

{What is mindshare? Mindshare summarized by mindshare marketing agency CMDS.}

Mindshare = being top of mind whenever someone needs your products or services There are various tactics used by a mindshare marketing agency in the world of advertising, marketing, promotion and branding. Doing as much as possible not positions your brand as a leader in it’s space, but captures a small piece of the buyers [...]

{SEO just became even harder. Getting over “keyword not provided”.}

Google updated their privacy to now hide all keyword data Don’t cry over keyword not provided! When Google recently stated that they were going to be encrypting organic keyword info in google analytics, everyone in the internet marketing world instantly started looking for a new career. For reals tho…, if you can no longer see [...]